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Over the past decade, we have documented and valued options on both structured products and ordinary shares and fund units. A large part of the business has been involved in the design of option programs in development companies, especially in the IT and medical technology industry, but there have been many others as well. Michael Bondegård is specialized in derivatives, accounting and option law. He is now the CEO of Optionspartner AB. He works primarily with warrant programs and valuation of financial securities. The former CEO Erik Norrman have retired. Erik Co-founded Optionspartner in 2010 after having been occupied in SkatteGruppen AB since 1981.

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We who are responsible for the business are: Michael Bondegård

Erik Norrman, who was previously responsible, has now retired.

If you need to get in touch with us, you can do this most easily by phone on +46(0)8-446 885 25 or +46(0)73-413 88 50.

Should you instead wish to send an e-mail, you can reach us via info@optionspartner.com

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